The Alan Turing Institute to work with the Maritime Digital Hub

The Alan Turing Institute is to work with Maritime Digital Hub to support research and innovation for the use of AI and data science within the Marine and Maritime community.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between The Alan Turing Institute (the Turing) and the not-for-profit organisation Maritime Digital Hub. This formally establishes a working collaboration to support awareness, research, and innovation for the use of AI and data science within the maritime and marine community.

This new collaboration aims to identify and share opportunities for potential research in several key impact areas: artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced analytics, computational science, and data-centric engineering.

The collaboration, establishes plans to develop joint research opportunities as well as to coordinate and collaborate on an awareness program to enhance general understanding of the capabilities of AI and data science in a marine/maritime context. 

Maritime Digital Hub is a not-for-profit open knowledge community focused on democratising tools and expertise to unlock innovation, building a more socially responsible and sustainable future for all. Through our open knowledge mindset and alignment with the Maritime sector, our goal is to continue to build a trusted network where efforts are shared, recognised, and rewarded fairly, while teaching and inspiring the many to develop ideas that will deliver on the clean, digital, and safe ambitions of the sector.

‘This MoU with The Alan Turing Institute is the first step in what I expect to be an extremely positive and rewarding journey for Maritime Digital Hub and the wider maritime community’ said Kevin Smith (right), Founder and CTO at Maritime Digital Hub.  ‘We recognise and support The Alan Turing Institute’s commitment to AI and data science research which has real world application, impact and that pushes the boundaries for good. By working collaboratively and including our own team of cross-industry specialists from our strategic partners, research academics, and innovation enablers we will help to provide thought leadership and technology support and act as the conduit to access the wide range of marine and maritime industries and organisations who will benefit from this MoU.’

Mark Girolami, Programme Director of Data-Centric Engineering said: “The marine and maritime sectors are facing a transformation at all levels from the availability of new AI technologies, new processes, and whole new operational and business models. These are all driven by data. The Turing and its data-centric engineering programme research scientists and engineers are heavily invested in the marine and maritime sector and this MoU marks a significant development in ensuring the sector benefits from the data-centric revolution.”

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