The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO), a world-leading marine geospatial information agency that provides a range of navigational data solutions to support the commercial shipping industry, has underlined its commitment to London International Shipping Week 2021 (LISW21) by becoming a Silver Sponsor.

UKHO’s event during LISW21, ‘Navigating the changing maritime landscape’, will take place on Thursday 16 September, in-person at 11:00 at Lloyd’s of London and then again virtually at 14:00.

The interactive seminar will explore how the next generation of navigational technologies and marine data solutions will help us to meet the challenges of a transforming shipping industry. You can register for this free seminar online via their website.

The event comes at a critical time for the industry and for our oceans. A technological transformation is unleashing the power of digital navigation, delivering a new generation of data solutions to support safer, more efficient voyages, and advancing the prospect of autonomous shipping. Meanwhile, the health of our oceans is becoming critical, as shipping strives to meet its carbon reduction targets. The future of navigational technologies and marine data solutions sits at the heart of these era-defining challenges.

During the seminar, UKHO will explore how shipping can harness these new technologies, realise an autonomous shipping future, and explore how marine data can help to protect our oceans.

Speaking on the seminar, Tom Mellor, Head of OEM Technical Support and Digital Standards at UKHO, said: “It is fantastic to once again support London International Shipping Week by hosting this timely and relevant seminar on how we can all navigate the huge challenges that our sector faces in the coming years.

“The chance to gather, debate and discuss with leaders across shipping is something that we have desperately missed over the last year and a half. It is therefore exciting to be able to convene once again and share our thoughts on how technology – and navigational data – can enable our global industry to take the next step on its evolutionary journey. We look forward to welcoming a wide range of individuals to our seminar.”

Sean Moloney, Director of Shipping Innovation and owner and manager of LISW, welcomed the UKHO’s involvement in what will be a major event this year for global shipping: “Fully supported by UK Government together with all sectors of global shipping, LISW21 will be the first real opportunity in over 18 months for the industry to come together in person and virtually to discuss the major issues facing today’s stakeholders. With over 150 events already on the calendar or about to go on, the week will be a very busy one.”

LISW21 is a hybrid event, allowing delegates to join in person or virtually. The LISW21 Portal, a hub for attending or hosting events online, visiting virtual exhibition stands or networking with other attendees, extends this year’s LISW to a far wider international audience than ever before.

Virtual visitors to LISW21 will need to access the event via the official LISW21 Portal. Register here for free:

More information about getting full access to the hub once it goes live on 2 August and tutorials about how to use it can be found here:

LISW21 is on track to host more than 150 events and activities as well as holding its influential Headline Conference, which this year takes place at the London headquarters of the International Maritime Organization on the banks of the River Thames on Wednesday 15th September. Register here for the conference:


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